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Common names: ITU-TSS (CCITT) V.35

34 PIN M/34 MALE (at ???)
34 PIN M/34 FEMALE (at ???)

34 PIN M/34 MALE at ???.
34 PIN M/34 FEMALE at ???.

Pin Name Dir Description
A   --- Chassis Ground
B   --- Signal Ground
C RTS --> Request To Send
D CTS &t;-- Clear To Send
E DSR &t;-- Data Set Ready
F DCD &t;-- Data Carrier Detect
H DTR --> Data Terminal Ready
J LL &t;-- Local Loopback
K   --> Local Test
L unused
M unused
N unused
P TxD- --> Send Data A
R RxD- &t;-- Receive Data A
S TxD+ --> Send Data B
T RxD+ &t;-- Receive Data B
U   --> Terminal Timing A
V   &t;-- Receive Timing A
W   --> Terminal Timing B
X   &t;-- Receive Timing B
Y   &t;-- Send Timing A
Z unused
AA   &t;-- Send Timing B
BB unused
CC unused
DD unused
EE unused
FF unused
HH unused
JJ unused
KK unused
LL unused
MM unused
NN unused

Note: Direction is DTE (Computer) relative DCE (Modem).

Contributor: Joakim Ögren

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