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ATX Optional Power

20 PIN MOLEX 39-29-9202 (at the motherboard)
20 PIN MOLEX 39-01-2200 (at the cable)

6 PIN MOLEX 39-30-1060 at the motherboard
6 PIN MOLEX 39-01-2060 at the cable

Pin Name     Color Description
1 FanM     White Fan Monitor
2 FanC     White/Blue Fan Control
3 3.3V Sense     White/Brown 3.3V Sense Line
4 1394R     White/Black IEEE-1394 Ground
5 1394V     White/Red IEEE-1394 Voltage?
6 Reserved     n/a

Contributor: Joakim Ögren

ATX Spec v2.03 at Platform Development Support

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