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5.25" Power

Used for harddisks & 5.25" peripherals.
Name according to the ATX standard: Peripheral Connector.

UNKNOWN CONNECTOR (at the powersupply cable)
UNKNOWN CONNECTOR (at the peripheral)

UNKNOWN CONNECTOR at the powersupply cable.
UNKNOWN CONNECTOR at the peripheral.

Pin Name   Color Description
1 +12V   Yellow +12 VDC
2 GND   Black +12 V Ground (Same as +5 V Ground)
3 GND   Black +5 V Ground
4 +5V   Red +5 VDC

Recommended wiresize according to the ATX standard: 18 AWG
At cables: AMP 1-480424-0 or Molex 8981-04P
At peripherals: AMP 61314-1

Contributor: Joakim Ögren, Eric Sprigg, Sven Gunnar Bilen, Scott Lindenthaler


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