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24 PIN CENTRONICS FEMALE (at the Devices)

24 PIN CENTRONICS FEMALE at the Devices.

Also known as GPIB (General Purpose Interface Bus)

Pin Name Description Source
1 DIO1 Data Bit 1 Talker
2 DIO2 Data Bit 2 Talker
3 DIO3 Data Bit 3 Talker
4 DIO4 Data Bit 4 Talker
5 EOI End Or Indentity Talker/Controller
6 DAV Data Valid Controller
7 NRFD Not Ready For Data Listener
8 NDAC No Data Accepted Listener
9 IFC Interface Clear Controller
10 SRQ Service Request Talker
11 ATN Attention Controller
12 Shield -
13 DIO5 Data Bit 5 Talker
14 DIO6 Data Bit 6 Talker
15 DIO7 Data Bit 7 Talker
16 DIO8 Data Bit 8 Talker
17 REN Remote Enabled Controller
18 Ground DAV -
19 Ground NRFD -
20 Ground NDAC -
21 Ground IFC -
22 Ground SRQ -
23 Ground ATN -
24 Logical Ground -

Data Lines:

Name Description
DIO1 to DIO8 Data Input Output

Handshake Lines:

Name Description
DAV Data Valid
NRFD Not Ready For Data
NDAC Not Data Accepted

Interface Management Lines:

Name Description
ATN Attention
IFC Interface Clear
REN Remote Enable
SRQ Service Request
EOI End or Identify

Contributor: Joakim Ögren

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