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Apple AUI (AAUI)

0.050-inch-spaced ribbon contact connector.

Pin Name Description
1 FN Pwr Power (+12V @ 2.1W or +5V @ 1.9W)
2 DI-A Data In circuit A
3 DI-B Data In circuit B
4 VCC Voltage Common
5 CI-A Control In circuit A
6 CI-B Control In circuit B
7 +5V +5 volts (from host)
8 +5V Secondary +5 volts (from host)
9 DO-A Data Out circuit A
10 DO-B Data Out circuit B
11 VCC Secondary Voltage Common
12 NC Reserved
13 NC Reserved
14 FN Pwr Secondary +12V @ 2.1W or +5V @ 1.9W
Shell Protective Gnd Protective Ground

Available on Macintosh Quadra computers, Apple Ethernet NB Card, and LaserWriter IIg printers?

Contributor: Joakim Ögren

Apple Tech Info Library 8863 at Apple TIL homepage

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