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VHS Video Camera


   1      8
       9            camera plug connector
2            7      pins facing you
3            6

   4      5

There seems to be no clear standard for VHS Video Cameras. Column "Name" is the most common function. Three alternative functions that could apply for some cameras is presented in columns named "Alt Name X".

Pin Name Alt Name 1 Alt Name 2 Alt Name 3
1 video out video in/out
2 video gnd
3 serial data
4 tally and clock reset in
5 audio out right standby out audio in
6 pause
7 audio out audio out left
8 audio gnd
9 power gnd
10 +12V power

Contributor: Joakim Ögren, Mike Turner, Mike N3EZD

VHS Video Camera 10 pin pinout at Baltimore Radio Amateur Television Society
Pinouts FAQ at Sci.Electronics.Repair FAQ

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