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SGI Video

13 PIN 13W3 FEMALE (at the Computer)

13 PIN 13W3 FEMALE at the Computer.

Normal Monitor

Pin Description
1 Monitor ID Bit 3, TTL
2 Monitor ID Bit 0, TTL
3 Composite Sync (Active Low), TTL
4 Horizontal Drive (Active High), TTL
5 Vertical Drive (Active High), TTL
6 Monitor ID Bit 1, TTL
7 Monitor ID Bit 2, TTL
8 Digital Ground
9 Digital Ground
10 Sync Ground

DDC Monitor

Pin Description
1 Data Clock (SCL)
2 Bi-directional Data (SDA)
3 Composite Sync
4 Horizontal Sync
5 Vertical Sync
6 DDC (+5VInput)
7 DDC Ground
8 Chassis Ground
9 Chassis Ground
10 Chassis Ground
R Red
G Green
B Blue

Contributor: Joakim Ögren

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