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Is the directions right???

14 PIN UNKNOWN (to the Macintosh)

15 PIN D-SUB FEMALE (to the Transciever)

14 PIN UNKNOWN CONNECTOR to the Macintosh (AAUI)
15 PIN D-SUB FEMALE to the Transciever (AUI)

Description AAUI AUI
control in circuit A 5 2
data out circuit A 9 3
data in circuit shield shell 4
data in circuit A 2 5
voltage common 4 6
control out circuit shield shell 8
control in circuit B 6 9
data out circuit B 10 10
data out circuit shield shell 11
data in circuit B 3 12
voltage plus 1 13
voltage shield shell 14

Contributor: Joakim Ögren

Apple Tech Info Library 9980: AAUI, Pinout Equivalents to AUI at Apple TIL homepage

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